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The concept is simple:

Leni reads --> Leni likes --> Leni squees --> Leni adds a post to kitd_recs.

Why? Because I'm hoping it'll be easier to catalogue these memories than at the Rec List (516 entries) I used to keep. Or, if not easier, then better. ;) It'll be a long time until all the recommendations at the list have made their way to this community, though...

Check the memories for the archive. Tags might help.

Note 1: Unlike other personal rec comms, I'm not saying why I'm adding a particular fic. You can assume it's because OMG! So pretty! SQUEE!!!! However, I do add rating and summary if provided by the author.

Note 2: Just in case. Yes, this is a 'Leni likes!' thing. Which means that there may be recommendations where you'll go 'huh?'

Other rec-journals: I often hunt for recs at su_herald, unfitforsociety and imho_recs. If you know of other good places, please tell me!

If you think I've overlooked a good story, please, give me the link! ;) Any fandom, even if it's not in the Interests list.

That said,

Happy Reading!